Perseverance, tact, responsibility, open mindedness, focused concentration, self awareness: Being successful requires a specific type of business mindset that you can develop, foster, and use to build a prosperous career. Your personal combination of strengths and weaknesses distinguishes you as an unique individual, but you can recognise shared pluses and minuses in other people, cultivate the best of them in yourself, and work to minimise the things that hold you back. It’s a sequence of acts through which you completely focus to improve yourself and business.

There are ways to develop this mindset, very few people are born with it – it comes from experimenting, learning, failing and growing, something which all successful entrepreneurs are accustomed too.

Develop Your Self Esteem

If you lack faith in yourself, you limit your opportunities. Even if you strive to put a smile on your face and present a positive image, your lack of self esteem and self belief eventually seeps through and begins to hold you back. When others see that you don’t value yourself, they begin to lose their interest in helping you move forward.

You can change your outlook by banishing negative thoughts as they occur and taking the time to investigate your strengths so you can celebrate their worth. Rather than doubting yourself or labeling yourself as a loser when your efforts don’t achieve the results you want, switch your focus to affirmative messages. What starts as mind over mind—exerting conscious control over how you think about yourself—becomes mind over matter, as your growing affirmation of your abilities changes the image you present. It sounds simple, even simplistic, but this one change can help you cultivate valuable self belief.

Gain Value in Listening

Developing a successful business mindset means committing yourself to learning from, helping, and valuing others. Your mentors offer you guidance, both by the examples they set and by the advice they give. Even a bad boss can provide valuable lessons in how you don’t want to conduct yourself.

Your colleagues show you a wide range of good and bad behaviors, capabilities, levels of acceptance, cooperativeness, and shared spirit. A bitter, closed, unhelpful person reminds you to avoid the traps that result from becoming a complaining, small-minded person whose negative energy poisons the workplace.

Your clients and customers give you opportunities to solve their problems, hear their frustrations, turn misinformed mistrust into thankful awareness, and define “making a difference” by the way you take on the challenges of your job.


In all these situations, your commitment to mind over matter and positive development starts with active, aware listening. You hear what others say without filtering it through knee-jerk reflexes that presuppose the message. You listen rather than simply waiting to talk. As a result, you become a valued communicator whom others seek out to help them reach their goals, and you help yourself accomplish those same successful objectives.

Stay Open to Ideas

The drive to succeed can leave you feeling as if you and you alone must be the source of the best ideas, plans, and suggestions in your workplace. This form of self-applied pressure leads you to display a self-important attitude, as the drive to do well transforms into the need to be right. At the same time, you start to tune out other people’s ideas or respond to them with immediate criticism, desperate to find fault with them so you can validate yourself.

Your worklife contains more than enough opportunities for you and your ideas to shine without doing so at other people’s expense. Along with being a good listener, cultivate an openness to ideas that leaves you able to recognize and celebrate smart thinking when it comes from someone else. That same open mindedness also helps you accept other people for their intrinsic worth. You may need to start your path to openness with a mind over matter approach in which you bite your lip before you open your mouth to rush to judgment, but if you keep at it, you’ll see yourself start to change.

Invest In Your Worth

Maximising your business mindset and your potential takes two separate forms of vitally important self investment. First, treat your mind and body with respect, and take steps to keep yourself alert, balanced, fit, and well nourished. You’ll find it easier to shine when you keep yourself bright and fully able to participate in each challenge you meet.

At the same time that you shed bad habits, nourish your brain with new sources of information and learning that can help you broaden your outlook as well as your skills. You can invest in your consciousness and your intellect through formal schooling, or through classes you take to learn a new skill that doesn’t apply directly to your work but enriches you as a person. Try new challenges that give you chances to put mind over matter, striving to succeed at tasks you formerly assumed were beyond your abilities.

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See the Little and Big Pictures Clearly

Every task, relationship, and opportunity includes many pieces of information to remember, process, and use. Some of these pieces fit into the big picture, the long view of life that understands when to make long-term plans or place long-term benefit ahead of short-term profit and loss. Others of these pieces constitute the kinds of minutiae that merely look important. Take the time and exercise the business mindset required to sort out these big puzzles, learning to identify the big-picture imperatives and setting aside the little stuff that only matters in the context of other criteria.

When you first begin to absorb information, you may have difficulty separating big pieces from little. The trick to succeeding in the task of prioritizing lies in giving yourself the time and permission to wait for clarity. Hold back on deciding what does and doesn’t matter until you’ve parsed through all details. If you force yourself to jump impulsively to one point of view, you risk making the wrong choice and depriving yourself of an opportunity to progress.

Believe in Yourself

Cultivate your best business mindset through behaviors and values that affirm your worth and that of others. This hones your talents and keeps your mind alert and open. Incremental practice of these positive attributes helps you train yourself toward genuine self respect. When you believe in your value and act on that belief, you focus on your aptitude for success.


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