Many people are so excited about starting their own business that they don’t take the time to gain experience in a larger company. Why would they? They’ve no interest in a stuffy, corporate culture where every minute of your time is allocated to one process or another. There’s no innovation and the place is full of politics, cliques and managers favourites….

However, this is how we see larger organisations in a negative sense and the fact of the matter is that they are large because they are successful. This means that they are getting things right and it would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to learn what those things are.

Everyone should gain experience in a larger company before opening up their own business. Sure you might be looking forward to the small, startup feel, but you still want to turn it into a success. So, what better way to learn that from the people who have already achieved it?

Why You Need to Work For a Big Company Before Creating Your Startup

Here are 3 Reasons You Should Work in a Big Company Before Creating Your Startup

For The Learning Experience

The opportunities for learning in a larger company are usually a lot more plentiful. One there’ll more than likely be great training or upskilling programs in place. Two, with the larger number of people working in the company you’ll be surrounded by people to learn from. Three, even though there might be bad things you’ll still learn lots from it and if anything, you’ll know exactly what you don’t want to do or bring to your own business.

Learn from the managers and see how the motivate their team, divvy out work or handle difficult situations. Learn what processes work in the company and how you’d improve on them. Everything around you is an opportunity to learn so take it all in and always think of how it can be applied to your own business.

For The Chance To Build A Great Network

Working in a large company means that you’ll have the opportunity to work with, and meet a variety of people. This is a great opportunity to start building connections and make yourself known. You never know when you’ll need someones expertise or the benefits of having that person recommend you in future, so treat everyone you meet as if they’re going to help you in the future.

Take the time to get to know what people do and what their strengths are. Even if you don’t get the opportunity to work with them in the future, it’s great practice for future networking events and it’s always nice to be part of a large community.

For Mastering Workplace Politics

Workplace politics will be an element of any business you go to and learning how to subtly manoeuvre your way through it is an essential skill. Don’t get too involved and see what this company does in order to prevent things from escalating. How do they bond and develop teams? How do they iron out situations?

Again, it’s all about learning so make sure you make the most of it!

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