Where Should You Move After Graduation?

As graduation approaches it’s a shock to realise that we need to start thinking about what to do after Graduation? Where should we live? Can I afford it? What are the chances of finding employment in my sector?

There are a lot of questions and therefore a lot of uncertainty. It’s one of the great transitioning points in life, our education stops and now we have to go and live life fully. Many people find the prospect daunting but even more are excited to get study. Think about it, you’ve had a lot of years of consistent education and now’s the time to put it all to use and start your career.

To answer some of the above questions, Apartment Guide conducted a survey of 1,000 21-to-24-year-olds, (Via RedShift Research) as well as analysing the data from Onboard Informatics to determine their thoughts on starting a new life after graduation.

Just over half of all people planned on moving to a new apartment after graduation, with 75% of those planning on moving to a completely new location. The key here is to understand your industry, the big players in it and identify where the best chances of securing a job will be.

Then we come to the tricky part – accommodation. In some cities this can be a very high cost and you’ll need to keep in mind your starting salary and ability to pay it. Understandably after being cooped up in shared accommodation for so long, most graduates are looking for something bigger to live in.

There needs to be a balance then of location VS living space then to get the affordability correct. Out of the survey below, 31% wanted to live in the city whereas 42% wanted to live in the suburbs being able to take advantage of more space for a lower price.

It’s an interesting read and if you’re approaching graduation these are the things you need to start thinking about seriously.


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