Choosing a professional career path can be challenging.

How can you decide what you’re meant to be doing? Should you focus on pursuing a career that encompasses your interest and abilities, or one you think will pay more in the long run? While some people find it very easy to decide, others struggle to figure out what they want to do in their careers. Many students enter college with the intention of pursuing a particular career, only to find out that this option was not for them.

So, how can you get help deciding your career path?

An option that a lot of people turn to is taking career aptitude tests. These tests are designed to give you an indication of the jobs that match your personality. They’ll uncover what careers you may have an aptitude for by asking questions regarding your interests, how you interact with people and your overall working style.

There are many career aptitude tests online to help you determine what career you should be pursuing and the great thing is that many of them are completely free to take.

Career aptitude tests can be very helpful way for students to choose a career, or help someone who is considering a career change. The result of these aptitude tests, which are based on skills and capabilities, are not only useful in helping you decide which career suits, but they will also help you identify the career types you should avoid.

So, if you’ve been racking your brains trying to figure out what job you’d not only be great at, but be happy doing, we’ve compiled the following list of career aptitude tests. They’re all free and will give you a much better understanding of the careers you should be doing, and the ones you should avoid at all costs.

What You Need To Know About Career Aptitude Tests

Free Career Aptitude Tests:

This free test will ask you 15 questions to help you determine what career you’re meant to be doing. Follow your instinct and answer the questions as honestly as possible. Don’t give answers you think you should, make sure to be as honest as possible to get the best results.

This career aptitude test matches your current work experience to careers. This is mainly a test for adults to answer questions based on their current work experience to match careers to that experience. The free career test matches your interests to careers and no work experience is necessary.

This is a 4-step online career test. Most visitors complete the test in 5 to 10 minutes so it won’t take up lots of your time. When you’re done, you’ll be provided with recommendations for great new careers that best match your answers.

Skills inventory

The skills inventory is a simple exercise to help you identify your strengths and identify areas you would like to, or need to, improve. There are six pages, each containing a list of 10 specific skills.


Use the Skills Profiler to create a list of your skills and match them to job types that use those skills. It will take about 20 minutes completing your skills profile.

Careerwise education

Careerwise offer lots of different tests to help you find careers that match your interests or skills. Get started with the MnCareers Interest Assessment, which will only take you 15-20 minutes to complete.

Service Canada

This test offers 49 questions that will only take you five minutes to complete, so it’s an excellent career aptitude test to get you started. This test will help you identify your strengths and find careers related to them.

O.Net Online

This is another test that will help you to identify your skills and then explore various career paths that will suit them. It doesn’t take long to complete and will give you a good understanding of your strengths.

Final Thoughts

Career aptitude tests are excellent for people who feel stuck and don’t know what they want to do with their lives. Even if you’ve been working for years and have realised you’re in the wrong line of work, it’s never too late to change and these types of tests will help you to identify your interests and skills.

Remember many skills are transferable and while it may seem like a big task to just up and change careers, quite often there’s much less work involved than you think. You just need to go about it the right way. The first step is identifying what it is you’d love to be doing and then plan the steps to achieve it. Use the above career aptitude tests for the first part and our guide on career changes for the second.


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