What Does The Future Hold for Gen Y and Gen Z?

With the increasingly rapid way in which the job market changes to match our every day lives, it’s fair to wonder if our careers will be safe in the future. In the following infographic from Wagepoint, jobs the top 10 in demand jobs in 2010, did not exist in 2004!

This gives you some idea of how the rapid advance of technology leaves us playing catch-up in order to fill vacant positions. Hiring Managers and recruiters are constantly seeking new talent to fill positions that, in some cases, have been open for as long as 18 months. How can we keep on top of this and try to match the shortfall of candidates to positions?

If you’re currently working within the IT sector then it looks like you will always be in demand. However, it’s important to keep in mind that developers are constantly learning new languages and technologies and their key to staying ahead in the workplace is to allow themselves to evolve with the nature of the job.

This seems to be a running trend nowadays, gone are the days in which we trained at the start of our career and carried that through. More and more careers now depend on constant upskilling and taking on new skills.

However, it’s not just technology in which we are guaranteed a position. There will always be a need for skilled professionals in all sectors. Wagepoints predictions for the most in-demand positions in 2030 are interesting and varied. Positions such as body part engineer, vertical farmers and child designers seem like they could be taken straight from a science fiction movie!

Take a look through and see if you get an indication of where your career will take you. You can expect it to change and for you to touch on new areas. The question is, how much change will be involved and will your future career resemble anything like what you’re doing now?



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