What career should you be in based on your personality? The Myers Briggs personality test is one of the most used personality tests used by employment agencies and companies alike, to see just how suited a potential candidate would be for a position. Using the Myers Briggs test results, Business Insider have created the following infographic determining what the best jobs are on your personality type.

What Career Should You Be Doing?

This research and job matches comes from “Do What You Are” by Paul Tieger. If you know what your personality type is already, then take a look below and see what your matches are? Are you in that field? If not, is it of interest to you?

If you’ve never taken the myers briggs then you can do so here. It’s a great test that can reveal a lot about you, so it’s worth the time to take it and best of all, it’s free.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator, or MBTI, was designed traces the patterns in your behaviour to one of 16 distinct personality types. It gives you a framework for understanding yourself and appreciating the differences in others. Companies use these tests to see how to motivate their staff and to find out what makes them perform the best. However, it’s not just about your career life, the MBTI can tell you a lot that influences your personal life as well.

You’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses, how you think and feel and communicate, how you relate to others and they relate to you, how to move ahead with your life. This is useful in all walks of life including relationships, beliefs and ambitions.

Do the test if you haven’t done so already and let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on the ‘ideal’ job for your particular personality type.


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