There’s so much to take into account when starting your first business that it can be a little overwhelming. Who can you turn to for advice? How much cash flow do I need? What do I need to watch out for? etc.

It’s difficult to know what question to ask first and where to go to get the answers. Direct Line for Business have created the following infographic that detail the top 6 tips that new businesses need to know. From finding initial funding to managing it and finding your voice, there are some really useful pieces of information here.

Starting a business is difficult, but it’s definitely rewarding. As long as you’re prepared for long works and to overcome setbacks, there’s no reason why you can’t make your venture a success. However, it’s always best to know where most people fail and make sure you’ve got everything in place to ensure that doesn’t happen to you too.


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Here are 6 Top Tips to Help Grow Your Business

1) Top up your skills. Update your skills with further training, or recruit people with experience that can help.
2) Secure funding. Inspire others to invest in your business. Work on your pitch and sharpen your vision.
3) Define yourself. Make sure your have the basics in place to benefit both you and your prospective customers.
4) Cash caution. There’s an old business saying. “Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity.”
5) Homework. Working from home? De-clutter your home office and give it a makeover.
6) Boost your business, but keep it real! Look for new ways to promote your business. But remember, no-one will believe your hype unless it’s backed up with sound evidence.

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