Ahead of the publication of their annual rich list, The Sunday times have released the top music millionaires in the UK and Ireland.

Unsurprisingly after a massive year, Adele has been named Britain’s richest ever female musician, also topping the the Young Music Rich List of artists under 30 with an estimated wealth of £85 million.

The only female to rank higher than the superstar is Irish woman Enya, who came in 28th position with an estimated wealth of £91 million.

Sir Paul McCartney tops the list with a staggering £760 million, with Lord Lloyd-Webber, U2, Sir Elton John and Sir Mick Jagger rounding out the top 5. The combined wealth of the top 5 music millionaires in the UK & Ireland amounts to estimated fortune of almost 2.5 billion.

The early publication of this list signifies that it’s almost that time  of the year when the Sunday times reveals their ultimate rich list. The full Sunday Times Rich List will be published by the newspaper on Sunday.

Who will make the cut and will we see any of these musicians below featured again? We’ll post the results as they come in but in the meantime, musical artists from the UK and Ireland are making a significant impact on the world of music, and their estimated wealth is certainly not to be laughed at!

You can see the full top 30 list below:

The Top Music Millionaires in the UK and Ireland

1. Sir Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell £760 million

2. Lord Lloyd-Webber £715 million

3. U2 £500 million

4. Sir Elton John £280 million

5. Sir Mick Jagger £235 million

6. Olivia and Dhani Harrison £220 million

6. Keith Richards £220 million

8. Ringo Starr £200 million

9. Michael Flatley £198 million

10. Sting £185 million

11. Eric Clapton £160 million

11. Rod Stewart £160 million

11. Roger Waters £160 million

14. Sir Tom Jones £155 million

15. Sir Tim Rice £150 million

16. Robbie Williams £145 million

17. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne £135 million

18. Brian May £120 million

18. Charlie Watts £120 million

20. Roger Taylor £115 million

21. Phil Collins £110 million

22. George Michael £105 million

22. Jimmy Page £105 million

24. Robert Plant £103 million

25. John Deacon £100 million

25. David Gilmour £100 million

27. Calvin Harris £95 million

28. Enya £91 million

29. Iman Abdulmajid and Duncan Jones and family £90 million

30. Adele £85 million

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