Colin Furze was challenged by Ford as part of their new Unlearning campaign, to create something extraordinary and he most certainly did!

A former plumber turned YouTube inventor, Colin Furze has created some record breaking inventions, right from the comfort of his very own shed.

As his first attempt at making anything that leaves the ground, this creation could have had serious implications for the inventor. Thankfully, he managed to walk away unscathed after a successful test run:

Furze comments on his creation:  “It has no steering! It has no breaks! It’s got two accelerators and not even a seat!”

However, it’s a serious invention from someone who’s never constructed a flying machine before.

Colins other creations include a flamethrower scooter, a pulse-jet go kart, and the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest pram.

He’s created many videos about the process and making his very own flying machine. You can check out the steps that went into this by watching the video beloe:

Colin has many videos on his Youtube channel, you can subscribe to him here and check out videos that include him making crazy creations such as:

That’s one creative person!

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