There are many ways to impress in the workplace. Unfortunately there are just as many ways to attract the wrong kind of attention. If you’re serious about your career and want to advance as far as possible, then it’s essential that you portray yourself as someone who can be counted on.

Therefore, there are certain behaviors and bad habits that you should do your absolute best to avoid and dissociate yourself with.

Remember that not everyone is as serious about their career as you are and you need to keep this in mind so they don’t hurt your chances of progression.

It’s not only a lack of promotion that’s at stake, it could be your entire career!

Here are 4 things that could cost you your job.

4 Things That Could Cost You Your Job

Talking Too Much

Chatting amongst colleagues is fine up to a certain point. However, if your boss is constantly finding you talking it’s going to seem like you’re not doing any work.

Try to save the chit-chat to your break times or if you are involved in a conversation, try to make your part brief and get back to work. Your boss should be seeing you doing more work than talk and he might start to question your suitability for the job if that’s not the case.

Keep it minimal and this will enhance your chances of success and promotion with the company,

There’s always someone in the office that’s referred to as the gossip. Definitely don’t be that person and try to avoid getting sucked into their conversations as much as possible.

If you’re seen talking to that person too much, people might start questioning if you’re a bit of a gossip as well.

Not Making Money

You might want an awesome culture to walk in, good perks and a positive atmosphere, but what the company expects is for you to make money for them.

If you’re not doing this then you’re becoming an expense and that can’t carry on forever. If you’re in a sales based role, or focussed on targets, there are lots of resources that’ll will help you become more productive and get results.

Set yourself goals and make sure you stick to them. Whether it’s a certain amount of calls to be made, emails to be sent, leads to be found. Setting and achieving these goals will make you more motivated to push them further.

Putting in the work will lead to results.

Go one step further and make suggestions that will actually save the company money. Cheaper phone solutions, databases etc. They may not be implemented but it shows you’ve got the company’s long term success in mind.

Being Negative

Nobody wants to spend 8 hours or more a day with someone who’s negative all the time. Try to bring a positive element to the office and be the person people want to work with, not the one they groan inwardly about when they have to approach.

This doesn’t mean you have to be overly optimistic and super-bubbly. Just don’t engage in negativity and see challenges as opportunities.

A can do approach is much more productive than an “oh, my god we’re doomed” way of doing things.

Management strive for a positive work environment and if they see you as the person contributing most with that then they’re going to be happy. You’ll be seen as a valuable asset to the company. However, if you’re the one that’s bringing the atmosphere down, then they’ll see that as a major problem.

Not Sticking to Deadlines

Deadlines are there for a reason and usually other people’s work depends on you finishing yours on time. If you think that there might be an issue with you hitting a deadline then it’s much better to say this at the start rather than continually being late.

On top of this, missing deadlines shows a lack of respect and motivation. Wherever possible, finish ahead of deadlines and submit. This shows enthusiasm, respect and the ability to carry out the work that’s expected of you.

Not only that, but by finishing it early you’ll be seen as more than capable and possibly suitable for advancement.

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