The Most In Demand Professions Across The World

Good news if you’re a Software Developer or Engineer, Electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, Nurse or Doctor. Specialist Recruitment Company Michael Page have released an interactive report of the most in demand professions across the world and those precious 5 professions top the list.

Looking at the most in demand professionals across 24 countries via information published by national governments on the OECD Better Life Index, Michael page where able to see where the demand lies at present.

There has been a shortage in Software development and engineering now for many years, and with the continuing need for professionals outstripping those focussing a career in that area, this gap only looks certain to grow.

Great news if you’re in the profession or currently studying. However it is also food for thought if you’re considering a career change as well. Software Developers and Engineers are in demand in all of the 24 countries included in this report.

Coming next in the list are Electronics Engineers & Mechanical Engineers, being sought after in 19 countries each. Again, this seems to be a trend and one that will last for the next couple of years as governments try to encourage people into an Engineering Education.

Finishing out the top 5 are Nurses, Doctors and Medical Practitioners, with there being a shortage of nurses in 18 countries, and 16 countries reporting a shortage of Doctors & Medical Practitioners.

This is certainly something to keep in mind when considering your career path. If you’re currently working in one of the fields mentioned then there are far more jobs out there than there are people to fill them. This trend looks like it will continue for the foreseeable future with many governments being pressured to implement Software Development & Engineering classes in schools to try and tackle this growing shortage.

You can see the top 5 positions below.

Click image to open interactive version (via Michael Page).

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