Everything you need to master Pre-algebra, and Algebra I and II.

This course begins in Pre-algebra and works its way through Algebra I and Algebra II. More than 100 videos are included. Many topics include course notes and practice questions with full solutions in The Complete Algebra Course.


  • Lectures:          210
  • Video:               18 Hours
  • Skill level:        All levels
  • Languages:      English 

Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

Who is the Fundamentals of The Complete Algebra Course aimed at?

This course has been designed for Algebra Students or anyone looking to brush up on their Algebra skills.

What does this course cover?

This course includes a massive 210 lectures all covering the following topics:

  • Section 1: Downloads
  • Section 2: Operations
  • Section 3: Fractions
  • Section 4: Exponents
  • Section 5: Radicals
  • Section 6: Rules of equations
  • Section 7: Simple equations
  • Section 8: Advanced equations
  • Section 9: Graphing
  • Section 10: Systems of two equations
  • Section 11: Systems of three equations
  • Section 12: Polynomials
  • Section 13: Factoring
  • Section 14: Functions
  • Section 15: Inequalities
  • Section 16: Statistics

What’s Included?

  • Over 210 lectures and 17.5 hours of content!
  • Operations
  • Fractions, exponents, and radicals
  • Equations and systems of equations
  • Polynomials and factoring
  • Graphing
  • Inequalities

What are the requirements?

You will need the fundamentals of math in order to take this course.

B.Y.O’s Verdict on the Fundamentals of The String theory  Course

Many of us struggle with Algebra and it can seem like a lot of it just fly’s completely over your head. Krista King’s teaching method is clear, concise and incredibly easy to follow. She explains all of the concepts thoroughly and will bring you from the basics, right through to Algebra level 2! Over 1300 people have taken this Complete Algebra Course, giving it an overall rating of 4.8/5.


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