The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page

Perfecting your checkout page, or landing page, is one of the ultimate goals as an online marketer. You’ve done the hard part of driving people onto your website, but what good is that if it’s not converting? This checkout page then is your one opportunity to turn visitors into customers, and with the Baymard Institute citing that 68.83% of online shopping carts are abandoned, nailing this page is essential.

This will largely come down to the kind of product or service that you are trying to sell, but there are some common factors that are a must. VWO suggest carrying out the following checks:

Test for Checkout Page Usability

  • Is the information ordered logically?
  • Are instructions on forms clear?
  • Are there any distractions?
  • Is the text big enough?

Test for Psychological Triggers on Checkout Page

  • Are there visual cues of security?
  • Is the progress bar obvious enough?
  • Are the images large enough?
  • Does the colour scheme work?

Further to this they’ve also compiled the following research on ‘The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page’. Check it out below and see how you can improve the conversions on your own site.


Source: VWO

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