Sports Magazine, Football France, have announced their list of the highest paid football managers for the 2015-2016 season. You might be surprised at some of the entries, particularly given that 3 of the 10 aren’t attached to any club at the moment.

The premier league has 4 current managers, 2 recent managers and an incoming manager included on the list, cementing why it’s still referred to as one of the most exciting leagues of any sport, in the world. However, with disappointing European performances, is the league going to be able to keep attracting top managerial talent?

Take a look at the list below and let us know your thoughts on those who made the cut.

10) Louis Van Gaal — Manchester UnitedThe 10 Highest Paid Football Managers

Income in 2015-2016 = £7.6 million ($10.7 million |€9.5 million)

Although his time at Manchester United might not have been plain sailing, Van Gaal still makes the top 10 on this list.

9) Brendan Rodgers — No club

Income in 2015-2016 = £8 million ($11.3 million |€10 million)

Rogers spent 2 years at Liverpool, almost guiding the Reds to Premier League success before it all came unravelling at the end. 10 games into his 3rd season he was sacked and is still unattached to any club.

8) Arsene Wenger — Arsenal

Income in 2015-2016 = £8.8 million ($12.4 million |€11 million)

Arsenal incumbent Arsene Wenger has managed the club since 1996. Being paid over £8 million a year, the gunners have won the premier league 3 times under his leadership as well as racking up 6 FA cup titles.

7) Luis Enrique — Barcelona

Income in 2015-2016 =£9.6 million ($13.5 million | €12 million)

Luis Enrique’s salary has risen with the success he has achieved with the club – winning the treble on his very first season. As winner of the 2015 FIFA World Coach, will he see this continue to grow?

6) Diego Simeone — Athletico Madrid

Income in 2015-2016 = £10 million ($14.1 million | €12.5 million)

Diego Simeone was a much loved player for Argentina before diving into management. But his success isn’t only limited to his days playing for country. Since taking over Athletico Madrid, he’s led the club to both La Liga and Europa League Success.

5) Jurgen Klopp — Liverpool

Income in 2015-2016 = £10.4 million ($14.7 million | €13 million)

This much loved personality was tasked to restore glory to Liverpool after Rodgers sacking last year. He’s fast becoming a fan favourite and is hoped to bring the success achieved at Borussia Dortmund to Anfield.

4) Rafael Benitez — Newcastle United

Income in 2015-2016 =  £11.8 million ($16.7 million |€14.8 million)

Newcastle United netted Benitez in a massive 3 year deal that pays him very well. Before Newcastle, Benitez previously managed Liverpool, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Joint 2) Fabio Capello — No club

Income in 2015-2016 = £13.1 million ($18.6 million| €16.5 million)

Having managed the National England team between 2008 – 2012, Capello is currently not attached to any club after being recently sacked by Russia.

Joint 2) Pep Guardiola — Bayern Munich

Income in 2015-2016 = £13 million ($18.6 million |€16.5 million)

Manchester City fans are eagerly awaiting of Spaniard Pep Guardiola, who has won the German League with Bayern Munich for the last three seasons.

1) Jose Mourinho — No club

Income in 2015-2016 = £19 million ($27 million | €24 million)

Controversial figure, Jose Mourinho, was sacked earlier this season from Chelsea after a poor start. The highest paid manager on this list is rumoured to be the next manager at a number of clubs, but we’ll have to wait and see where the ‘Special One’ ends up.

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