One of the biggest dangers for entrepreneurs is suffering burnout. Often the symptoms have time to really take hold and develop before we even realize that there’s anything wrong.

During the startup phase it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That ticking off one task seems to lead to five more taking it’s place.

However, even though there is a huge amount of for that needs to go into your venture, it’s important to remember that your health comes first.

If not treated at the onset, burnout can develop into more serious health issues that could prevent you from working at all for long periods of time.

Stress is an everyday factor of life, but too much is not good for you. You need to know what to watch out for so that the stress doesn’t build to such an extent that it takes over.

Here are 3 Signs of Burnout and How to Fix It.

3 Signs of Burnout and How to Fix It

Frequent Health Problems

One of the biggest signs that you’re starting to burn out is becoming sick more frequently. This can include recurring headaches, being more susceptible to things like the common cold or flu, or picking up viruses that are present at the time.

This happens because a high level of stress causes the immune system to work at lower levels than normal – meaning you get sick more often.

You need to take the time to let your body fully recover from sickness and from high levels of stress.

Relationships are Under Pressure

When people are suffering from burnout they can snap and become frustrated with those around them. Relationships seem more strained and people step around as if on eggshells.

You might find yourself feeling quite guilty after these encounters which causes stress levels to grow even farther.

Be open with the people around you. Tell them to let you know if you’re becoming unbearable or they notice shifts in your mood.

This allows you to address it more quickly, stops their feelings from being hurt and saves you from growing stress and guilt.

Constant Fatigue

High levels of stress and burnout cause us to feel tired on a continual basis. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you’re getting (although it helps) you will still feel yourself crashing during the day.

Sometimes it gets to the stage where it feels nearly impossible to get up in the morning.

You shouldn’t be working so hard that you feel exhausted. This allows the other symptoms to develop and your health to deteriorate quickly.

If you’re tired, remember your body is trying to tell you that it needs rest. Listen to it.

How to Fix It

Burnout doesn’t just come out of no where. Your body will warn you that it’s under pressure and you need to recognize the signs above and take positive action to recover.

Learn to recognize the symptoms above and put measure in place so you can tackle them early, like asking people to let you know when your mood changes.

If you get sick, take time off to recover – don’t work through it. Similarly if you feel tired, rest and take action to get in great shape.

Incorporate a healthy routine into your day that includes exercise, healthy eating and a good dose of downtime.

Becoming successful requires a balance of getting your work done but not becoming overworked. As an entrepreneur, you’re the most important asset your business has – look after yourself!

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