Should You Add Hobbies and Interests To Your Resume?

This is a debate that has gone on for a very long time and there are arguments for and against. In my experience it isn’t a major factor for a hiring manager, however it can add to your profile and emphasise soft skills when written in the right way. In my opinion, the answer is yes – there are far more benefits to adding them, when filled in correctly.

Where should Hobbies and Interests be located on my CV?

In a general CV layout, you would be expected to have this heading towards the end of the CV. So, after you have detailed your experience, and before you get to your references section. As said, it’s not essential information and generally your CV should be constructed in the following order:


Name & Title

Contact details


Personal Summary


Skills & Achievements


Education & Coursework


Previous Experience


Hobbies & Interests


References (Available on Request)


We’ll include a couple of templates in other articles on this site that will be tailored more towards specific industries, but as a general outline you want to layout your CV as above.

So, why is Hobbies and Interests to Put on your CV important?

When done correctly, this part of the CV will do a number of things:

  • Demonstrate Team Work
  • Show commitment in multiple areas of your life
  • Highlight certain Soft Skills
  • Show your philanthropic side
  • Give them something to talk about

To explain a little bit further, the addition of team sports or clubs shows your ability to socialise and work as a team towards a common goal or accomplishment. Stating the longevity of your extra curricular activities demonstrates that you can commit in multiple areas in your life to productive things. I have spoken to HR professionals who say that if they don’t see Hobbies & Interests included then they may wonder how the person spends their time outside of work, not in a favourable way. It’s better to remove all doubt and give them a clear picture of who you are.

Hobbies and Interests to Put on your CV

Soft skills are becoming increasingly important…

to companies when they are looking to hire new people into their company and this is something that we will go into in a little more detail in a future article. However, the days are long gone where if you have the right degree and the right experience, you’re going to get the job. There has been a huge shift in mindsets in how companies hire, they are thinking about their culture and personality fits rather than just getting the job done.

For example, if you’re a climber or runner etc, demonstrate your achievements in those fields. Marathons you have ran, peaks you have submitted… this highlights your determination and focus, both of which are attractive traits to an employer.

This is a good area to mention any charity work, social initiatives or volunteering work you carry out. List accomplishments in that area, how you helped to raise money for a certain charity, arranged fundraisers or have volunteered in an animal shelter for a number of years.

This is a great way of demonstrating that you are a caring individual that is motivated by more than just money. Many companies have their own charitable partnerships of fundraising events and it’s important to know that they’ll have people coming on board who will be just as enthusiastic as they are.

Finally, give them something to talk about!

I once read a CV for a gentleman who had listed ‘Extreme Ironing’ in this section.

I was intrigued.

I picked up the phone and called him to chat over his application. One of the first things i asked about was Extreme Ironing and what on earth it was all about! In return I received a hearty laugh and was told that he was getting asked that particular question from plenty of recruiters, HR and hiring managers. It was something he had done with a group of friends on a few occasions for the sole reason of putting it on his CV, and getting the attention of employers. It was obviously working! (FYI, Extreme Ironing is getting a snap of you, or you and your friends, ironing in extreme places such as in the ocean, on top of a mountain or even while parachuting! I know… I don’t get it either…)

So, if you have been questioning what Hobbies and Interests to Put on your CV, or if you should even bother at all, hopefully this article helps you to see the benefits. Think carefully and always remember that anything you add to your CV, should be enhancing your chances of being called for an interview.

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