Learning to sell well is one of the key skills someone can develop in business.

Some people are naturals, they have the ‘gift of the gab‘ and people naturally trust what they tell them.

However, that doesn’t mean that no one else can sell!

There are tricks and tips you can learn that will greatly enhance your selling ability.

Here are 5 sales hacks that will help you to close every deal.

5 Sales Hacks That'll Help You To Close Every Deal

1. Emphasis

It’s really important to play emphasis on what you want the customer to do. For example, if you want a customer to buy a car, you would drop the word ‘Buy’ into the sentence with subtly emphasis. This can be changing the tone of your voice subtly, drawing it out or combining it with a subtle nod of the head. Notice I have used the word subtle many times in this sentence. That’s because you can’t be obvious or sound ridiculous. You want their subconscious to pick up on these statements so it can make a positive decision regarding the sale.

This works for sales cop as well. Make the statements you want to happen bold or capitalise them. It does what it’s supposed to do and makes these particular words and sentences stay in a persons mind for longer.

2. Make Leading Statements

This involves making statements that suggest that a customer needs a particular product or service in order for their lives to be better. For example, if you had developed a course that you were trying to get people to sign up for, you could create a video that contained you talking about it using some leading statements. These statements could be “This course has been designed for anyone who wants to be successful” or, “The only way to achieve success is by following the exact methods that are laid down in this course.” This makes the prospect feel like they can’t achieve what they are looking for unless they sign up for what you’re offering.

3. Be Confident

Don Moore from Carnegie Mellon’s Center for Behavioral Decision Research,  highlighted that confidence is so important that it can even allow people to forgive prior poor performances.

We naturally associate confidence with someone being an expert in their field. Speaking hesitantly is a sure way to make people question you so make sure you know your product inside out. You can only be truly confident when you know all there is to know and this will give your audience trust in you.

4. Use the term ‘By Now’

The mind reacts the same to hearing ‘Buy now’ as it does to ‘By now’. During the pitch use this term a few times in order to get a customer in a buying mood without actually referring them to buy anything. It’s subtle and taking advantage of the English language, but it works and you won’t come across as desperately trying to make a sale.

5. Make them agree with you.

You’ll notice that all speakers and great salespeople do this. They’ll make general statements that you can’t help but agree with. This way, the customer is readily nodding along and uttering the words yes and building trust with the person speaking. Look out for it the next time you’re at a speaking event, the great ones will interact with the audience, getting them to respond with resounding affirmations.

If you’re interested in sales hacking, check out the video below:

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