It’s Never Too Late To Achieve Your Dreams

One of the biggest excuses you’ll hear from people when asked why they don’t start the business they always wanted to is “Oh, i’m too old now.”

We seem to have this perception that Start-Ups are a young persons game. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is true that there’s an increase in the amount of people starting their own businesses, that doesn’t mean people who are older have stopped!

The rapid advance of technology has made it super easy for people to create businesses, with many of the biggest success stories coming down to the creation of an App or website that goes on to be sold for a tonne of money or breaks records as it becomes publicly listed.

Because Tech is such a hot area, it’s this news that we hear about the most. The young entrepreneur that made their millions starting out in their own bedrooms, or the college dropouts who built a website that changed the world! However, just because we don’t hear about the other success stories, doesnt mean they don’t happen.

MindValley Academy have created the following fantastic infographic listing 20 people who ‘Made It’ in their later years. These are not the only examples by a long shot but they do provide inspiration for those who use the excuse as not being young enough.

It is NEVER too late to pursue your dreams. This is just fear and self doubt justifying itself to you because you’re afraid that you might fail. So what? The majority of successful people have failed multiple times in their lives and in fact, they credit this with ultimately leading to their success.

If you have a dream, let go of the fear and doubt that is stopping you from living a life doing what you really want to be doing. Take a look at these 20 people who learnt that lesson and went on to become hugely successful!


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