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In this course you will build a practical framework to understand the critical linkages between organization design and the creation of economic value through execution.

We will focus on four critical linkages:

1. How organizational growth and life cycle requires design changes to improve execution;

2. How managerial decision making can be improved through better organization design;

3. How the design of human resource practices shape the culture of the organization; and

4. How innovation and change can be facilitated through organization design.

These linkages are critical in assessing how managers make sure that the organizations they design can execute the strategies they have envisioned under changing environmental conditions.

Learners will be able to answer the following:

What are the managerial implications of organizational growth and life cycle?

How do you improve managerial decision making through organizational design?

How do human resource management policies shape organizational culture?

How do organizations plan for top management succession and change?

How do you know that your organization design is not effective?

How do you manage organizational change and innovation?

Course Accredited By: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Price: $79.00


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