There are many factors to take into account when considering productivity.

How motivated are your employees, do they feel recognized for their efforts, and are they being rewarded sufficiently? But what about the smaller factors. These are the elements we might not even think twice about but could be having a dramatic effect on the mood and productivity of your staff.

One of these factors is lighting! Yes, lighting. The way in which your office or workspace is lit can have a dramatic impact on your workers levels of productivity.

In the following infographic created by Quill, you can see just what impact the wrong kind of lighting can have on your business.

Bright Lights can affect a person’s circadian (sleep/wake cycle) and it’s recommended to be completely avoided in the time leading up to trying to sleep. The trend of checking our smartphones in bed has led to an increasing number of sleeping issues.

However, it’s not only night that this becomes a factor. The wrong kind of lighting for too long during the day can also have lasting and serious consequences. According to research, most offices are overlit. Is yours?

Take a read through the infographic below to get a better understanding of this. Make sure you have the basics covered when it comes to increasing productivity in your office!

How Light Affects Productivity in the office

Source: Quill

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