A lack of motivation in the workplace can be a huge issue for many businesses and the people that work in them. As an employer there are many things that YOU SHOULD be doing to ensure your workforce is happy and motivated, thus working at an enhanced productivity and innovative level. You should be aiming to be a leader that people want to follow.

Employees also take note, there may be many reasons while you feel de-motivated in your workplace, see how many of the below you recognise, being in place at work.

Encourage Innovation

When one of your employees comes to you with an idea or a solution to a problem, it’s a sign that they care about the wellbeing of the company. These ideas should be encouraged and supported to enhance that employee’s level of motivation. Whether or not it works out in the end, encouraging these ideas will only ever allow more to be presented in the future and one or more of these will indeed better the company and the confidence of your employee.

Don’t let things become monotonousHow to Be a Leader People Want to Follow

If you’re employee knows what their exact day will entail, where’s the excitement? Be spontaneous, in-office competitions and surprise lunches out mix up the daily routines and leave your employees excited about what’s to come.

Recognise personal milestones

Do you celebrate your employee’s birthdays, new family arrivals and other personal milestones? This can be as simple as producing a cake and a heartfelt congratulations letting them know that you see them as more than just a money making machine for your company.

Reward professional achievement

Employee recognition is key to motivating your workforce. If an employee works hard to make something better in your business then they should be acknowledged and rewarded for that, otherwise where’s the incentive to keep doing it?

Set realistic targets

It is demotivating to set targets that are impossible to reach. Have a clear mind of what you want your employee to achieve, and then make sure this is achievable. Working hard to improve oneself and increasing targets continually as the employee reaches them is much more rewarding that offering a target that is always out of reach.

Have clearly set out career paths

What are your employees working towards? Is there a clear way they can work towards climbing the career ladder? Will they be offered greater responsibilities and remuneration packages in tune with the work and progress they are making in the company? If there is no clear career path that the employee can work towards, where’s the motivation to work harder?

Why so Serious?

Laughter helps to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and reduce stress hormones while triggering the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Your workplace should have a balance of fun as well as hard work. The bottom line is that laughter helps to produce a wonderful sense of well-being and that will help with motivation.

Recognise the importance of a work | life | fun balance

You may only know your employees on a professional level but it is essential to recognise they have a life outside the office that they need to be able to pursue. It’s fine to expect people to hang back when there’s an important deadline but if this is continuous and affects their ability to live life and have fun outside of work, then their motivation levels will fall sharply.

Provide a positive atmosphere

We can sense when we walk into a negative environment, there’s tenseness and heaviness to a room. So then imagine what it’s like sitting in an environment all day that might contain aggression, anger, sadness and an overall negative tone. How can you expect someone to remain motivated in that environment? Positivity and motivation go hand in hand, make sure your workplace is a happy & safe environment and you will see your workforce being much happier and willing to work hard because of it.

Why should people follow you?

The days of somebody being grateful ‘just to have a job’ are quickly coming to an end. Why should your employees be working for you rather than any of your competitors? Be careful in assuming this can all be managed through what level of pay someone is on. In numerous studies, a person’s salary is one of the lesser contributing aspects of job satisfaction.


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