There are certain things that all great leaders do, that set them apart from everyone else. They’re not big things, in fact anyone is capable of adapting the same habits.

Great leadership requires constant development, excellent vision and the ability to motivate a team to extraordinary levels.

Here are 10 things that all inspirational leaders do.

1. Refuse to make excuses

Great leaders never make excuses. They just do. It’s so easy to say “I want” closely followed by a “but…” This is an excuse. There is always enough time if you set your mind to something and it is of value. If a mistake is made, they take responsibility and learn what they will do differently the next time.

2. Communicate Clearly

all great leaders have the knack of taking complex information and being able to explain it clearly and concisely. They leave their teams in no doubt what the overall aim is and what steps will be taken in order to reach it.

3. Master their fears

Fear is the biggest thing that will hold people back. the fear of failing, of looking stupid, of making a mistake. Leaders have those fears too, everyone does, but they quiet that little voice that’s trying to hold them back and do it anyway.

4. See opportunities where others see obstacles

When most people are confronted by a challenge, they only see the obstacle. Great leaders on the other hand see all of the opportunities. The opportunity to do things differently. to learn about the problem, to create a solution. There are no obstacles, only opportunities.

5. Deliver on time

Great leaders always deliver on time, or ahead of it. they have excellent time management skills and are able to keep things running to a tight schedule. Over delivering is their speciality.

10 Things All Inspirational Leaders Do

6. Take the time to know people

All great leaders take the time to learn someones name when meeting with them. They will also take the time to get to know the teams that work with them. They understand that people have lives outside of work and they respect people by knowing that and knowing them.

7. Invest in themselves

It is essential to invest in ourselves if we expect any type of return. Great leaders are constantly developing themselves through courses, reading, seminars etc. The world changes rapidly and it’s essential to keep up with it.

8. Avoid confrontation

A great leader will never be drawn into petty arguments, office politics or drama. They are perfectly happy to take the high road. They realise that these events are a waste of energy and of no importance to their overall goals.

9. Take responsibility

A great leader will always take full responsibility if anything goes wrong. Even if it was by a team member, they will shoulder the blame as in their eyes – they are responsible for the team, so they are responsible for the mistake. They will learn from setbacks and help other people to understand how they can be avoided the next time.

10. Better the people around them

Great leaders better those that have the opportunity of working with them, or even being a part of their personal lives. They are positive people who fully encourage others to be the best that they can be. They love imparting advice and seeing people achieve their dreams and ambitions.

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