A happy and motivated staff, is something we all strive for. It makes coming to work an enjoyable experience rather than something to dread on a Sunday evening.

But what’s the best way to inspire your employees and make sure they’ve invested in your company, not just the pay cheques?

Well this is down to you and the approaches you take in the office. The following four tips will show you how to be an inspirational leader.

How to Be An Inspirational Leader

1. Praise in Public, Correct in Private

This would seem like a given but you’d be surprised how many managers admonish members of staff in front of their colleagues. Nothing is as de-motivating to someone or makes them feel as humiliated or small in the work environment.

If you need to correct someone, bring them into a private room and explain calmly what went wrong and work together to see how this can be fixed and bettered going forward. Clear, concise instructions along with your belief in them that they will do better will make your employee feel much better than just being told they’re not doing their job right.

Praise can also be a tricky element as well. Do it infront of everyone but make sure not to overdo it or continually single certain people out. You can also go one step further than this – by praising mistakes! Not monumental errors but if an employee makes a decision, acts on it and it doesn’t work as well as planned, acknowledge their daring and creativity.

If your employees see you praising initiative even when it doesn’t work out, they’ll be even more motivated to try new approaches.

2. Share Your Company Goals

This is never something that you should keep a secret. Every member of staff should know exactly what the company is trying to achieve and that they have an important role in helping to achieve it. If there’s no sense of direction for the company, then the people working there won’t have one either.

Feeling like they’ve an important impact on the overall success of a company really gets your staff to buy in and pull together to achieve it. They will feel like you see them as more of an equal rather than just one of many people there to complete the little things.

Having a common sense of purpose is essential so it’s imperative that you learn to communicate your vision with your staff. Be enthusiastic and show your belief and trust with them. Make it more meaningful than just making money, people are far more motivated by a purpose than they are at just the thoughts of a larger paycheque.

3. Understand Your Employees Have A Life Too

Your business may be your entire world but you need to remember and understand that it’s not for your staff and they have a life outside of it. Pushing them too hard is incredibly counter-productive and if they feel like they’re being worked to the bone, your staff will be less motivated to do anything.

Surprise them with early finishes on good days or a company picnic on days with good weather. Reward them with more than just monetary bonuses, try weekend break vouchers that they can use with their partners etc.

Celebrate their life milestones in work such as birthdays, weddings, births etc. It will acknowledge the fact that you know they have a life outside of work and that it’s important to them.

4. Celebrate traditions.

In a previous place of employment, every time one of the (50) Sales Team closed a deal, they got to walk through the open plan office and to the whiteboard to write it down. Along the way they were cheered, music was played and they got a huge round of applause. This didn’t matter if it was a minor deal or a major one, every one of them were treated the same.

This will always stick with me as an excellent way to get an employee excited about doing their jobs. It really made them feel appreciated and acknowledged!

Start your own traditions and stick with them, go big and centre them around making your staff feel great.

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