Inside the Mind of a Successful Manager

How does a successful manager think? Thats what Pepperdine University set to find out to create the following infographic. According to Pepperdine:

An effective manager isn’t tyrannical. They don’t command unnecessarily, micromanage, or instill fear. A successful manager can be approachable, amicable, and even downright compassionate. These managers lead teams of satisfied employees, which reduces turnover and boosts morale and productivity.

It’s true not everyone is a great manager, in fact if you think back i’m sure there are several that were pretty bad. Alternatively, there will be excellent managers that stand out in your mind as well. Well hopefully anyway…

What separates them? What qualities do they have that make one perform so much better than the other? It is in a large part, down to the way they think. A good leader has a proactive and positive mindset that’s almost infectious for the people working underneath them. The opposite can be said for bad managers, their negativity and authoritarian mindset de-motivates those working for them, and it’s very hard to break that cycle.

According to the research by Pepperdine, the thought processes of successful managers can be broken down even further. Take a look through the results below and see how you can apply them when managing your own teams. Make sure you’ve got the mindset of a successful manager.


Source: Pepperdine University

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