How to Successfully Change Career Paths

60% of employees would choose a different career if they could start again, 20% of us believe we’ve never had a role that suited us and 30% of employees feel their strengths would be better suited to another career (School of Life). That’s quite a startling statistic but when you think about it, how many people do you know that are truly happy in their place of work. Are you?

People change jobs many times in their lifetime and it’s not uncommon for people to completely change career paths. Especially now when work needs to be done at such a fast pace and new innovations mean that there are always shortages of people in a number of areas.

If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in your current job, you don’t find the work rewarding, or you have a talent you’d like to explore further, then maybe it’s time to consider a career change.

Changing career paths is something people really fear, but it shouldn’t be this way. Very few people who make the transition regret it and those that do can always switch back into what they were doing before hand. But think of the potential benefits. Imagine looking forward to Monday rather than it being your most hated day of the week. Imagine doing a job with meaning and purpose, where you felt like you were making a difference.

It’s more than possible and this fantastic infographic from Franklin University has detailed everything you need to take into account when it comes to undertaking a successful change in career path. Take a look through and see if it answers any of the questions you may have or fears that are holding you back from making the transition into starting a career in something you truly enjoy doing.



Source: Franklin University

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