How To Stay Positive During Your Job Search

We all know how difficult job searching is in the present climate; it doesn’t necessarily matter how much experience you’ve managed to stack up over the years, as a short job search isn’t a guarantee for anyone anymore. Taking this into account, it’s very common to find ourselves down and out when we come to think of spending day after day trying to find that next position. With this in mind here are some tips to make sure you stay as positive as possible in the search for your next position.

Employers want positive & confident people!

Think about it, wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone full of positivity, confidence and willing to make a serious impact as soon as they start? Get yourself ready before interviews and talking to potential employers, make sure you’re in that positive mind frame and ready to take on any challenge that’s thrown at you!

How To Stay Positive During Your Job Search

Know what you bring to the table!

What differentiates you from other applicants? Your skills may not completely differ from the person who’s going to be interviewing after you but you need to be sure in your skills, knowledge & experience; confident enough to show where your arsenal can make a significant difference at your new potential work space! Be precise, be concise and give relevant examples. It’s all well and good saying you’re a “team player” (because….”well, I just am!), it’s much more effective to give an example showing it.

Learn from previous Interviews

After an interview, write down all the aspects you felt worked well for you (the blatant flattery you managed to sneak in unnoticed) as opposed to the things you feel you can work on in time for your next interview (pointing out that obviously ugly tie…). It’s essential to learn from experience in all walks of life, job seeking is no different. Refining you interview technique is an ongoing process, once you’re there you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place!

How To Stay Positive During Your Job Search

Plan your job search!

As small as it sounds keeping a timetable can be a life-saver during your job search. It’s great to get into the practice and waking up at the same time every day (preferably early) and planning your day around your quest for a career to give you a semblance of routine. Allocate certain times to look through job boards and identify new positions, allocate a time to draw up you application tailored to the individual jobs and send them in & lastly allocate a time to follow up on applications you made previously.

Keep your chin up!

Everyone has days where all they want to do is lounge around in their PJ’s, surrounded by an array of Junk food, watching an endless loop of Bridget Jones’ Diary… Don’t get used to it! It is impossible to stay positive at all times, have a list of things to do to perk yourself back up again and get back on that Job hunt. There will be setbacks, near misses, frustration, highs, lows & in-betweens, but it will all be worth it in the end. Perseverance is key and you will get there!

We all know job seeking is a tough-time period, but it’s useful for preparing you for the next step too. The dedication you put into finding your next position will transfer straight over to your new job and get you off to an excellent start. Good Luck!

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