Be honest, how often do you actually step away from your desk at lunch? Probably not often right? Well you’re not alone. According to the research carried out by Quill and displayed in the below infographic, only 1 in 3 American workers take a lunch break. This means that over 66% of people are skipping lunch altogether or having it at their desks.

Not eating properly, seriously affects our productivity and you can expect to feel a massive slump in energy come mid afternoon. People who eat healthy meals when they’re supposed to, are 25% more likely to have an overall higher job performance.

Food fuels us and when we’re not eating adequately, we’re running on empty. There might be a number of reasons you don’t grab a proper lunch. Maybe you’re too busy, maybe you’re quite nervous about eating in front of others, or maybe you just forget?

Whatever the reason is, to make sure you stay healthy and at your most productive – it’s essential you get into the habit of taking a break and eating a healthy lunch, every day.

Check out the advice below as to the effects of not eating and some useful tips to make sure you stay on top of office dining.


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