You see it all the time. Someone’s been working a steady job for a number of years, it all seems to be going well and they feel like they’ve got job security and the bam, they’re gone. Let go or fired, it’s all comes down to the same thing – that job security has vanished.

So, how can you avoid this? There’s little that can be done if a company’s financials go completely ‘kaput’, but you can always make it your business to keep an eye out and ear to the ground on how the company is doing.

However, what happens far more often than a company closing completely, is cutting jobs to slash costs. When it comes to who makes the cut, how can you be sure that you’re one of the ones they want to keep. How can you make yourself unfireable?How to Make Yourself Unfireable

There are certain things that the majority of the workforce don’t do, that would clearly make you stand out. These are skills that are either too much responsibility, too easy to resist or require ‘putting yourself out there’.

These are the reasons other people don’t do them. These are what’s going to make you unfireable.

Save the Company Money

Companies are always looking for ways to save money so you need to make sure that, wherever possible, you’re the person that’s coming up with ideas that will save them a tonne.

Is the company still using landlines? Draw out a plan on how much the company would save if they switched to Voip. See can you get an idea of the current spend on phone systems and detail this in the plan and use it to estimate the savings on calls and how quickly the new systems would be paid back.

This kind of thinking is very impressive to those higher up and it shows that you have a real interest in the long term welfare of the company.

Be Positive

Nobody likes working with negative people who complain about everything and suck all the goodness and energy from everything and everyone around them.

OK, a little extreme, but we all know how tiring it is to hear someone complain all day long. Don’t be that person. In fact, make it your business to be the exact opposite of that person.

Make it your mission to keep the office or workplace in a positive environment. Encourage fun and camaraderie, fight back against negative observations with positive ones and watch how the negativity in the office starts to diminish.

Your managers will notice this and a positive office is a productive one. That will be your doing.

Steer Clear of Drama

Drama – the curse of offices the world over. Stay clear of it. In fact, if someone comes to you with gossip – shut it down right there.

Let it be known that you’re not interested in gossiping about the people you work with. People will stop approaching you or involving you with drama, and your workmates will trust you more.

They know that you’re not going to run off and cause any issues and it will make you the person that everyone, except the biggest gossips, wants to work with.

Make the Company More Money

This seems obvious but if your role allows your the opportunity to make a company money, then make the absolute most of it.

Salespeople have an upper hand here, you would think, but it is surprising how many sales people, once they’ve hit their targets, take their foot off the gas peddle. You want to constantly be exceeding and growing. Get into the mindset of always going one further than you have done before.

Don’t work in sales? Think about how your area might be able to make the company money. Marketers drive sales so that’s another easy one. But what about someone working in say, finance? What are the ways that the company could use their money to make more?

It all comes down to thinking outside of the box and making sure those higher up are hearing your ideas, even if it’s just a conversation between you.

Learn New Skills

Constantly upskilling and keeping up with the latest trends means that you can’t be ‘replaced’ by someone who’s done that more than you. If you see something coming up that might have a positive impact on the company’s such as new project management skills, sales techniques etc. make it your business to get on it straight away.

A lot of companies will encourage you to do this, reimburse you or send you out anyway. So don’t be one of the people that avoids this, be the person that’s volunteering to go to as many courses as possible.

Be a Leader

You don’t have to be a manager or in charge of others to demonstrate the qualities of a leader. However, you do want those you report into to see you as one. Great leaders communicate clearly. They never make any excuses and they own up as soon as mistakes are made and work on fixing them. They’re quick to praise those around them when jobs are done well, but don’t criticise when they’re not.

Great leaders also work to constantly improve themselves and are highly approachable when someone needs help with something – they don’t hide away in their offices all day. Where other people see obstacles, leaders see opportunities and jump at the chance to meet them head on.

Work Well in Teams

Working well with others is an essential skill to master, even if you’re not too fond of it. You need to learn how to give and take, listen to other people’s ideas, work together to bring a project to life and, most importantly, not fall out with anyone.

The key here is to understand that everyone has different ideas on how things should be done and it’s essential to weigh every idea up before dismissing it. Someone might come up with a fantastic idea that saves time so encourage brainstorming at the beginning and get a plan down with assigned tasks to get the project completed.

Your leadership skills will come into play here as well.

Do the Things No One Else Wants To

A lot of people will shy away from responsibility. You need to be the person that chases it. That raises their hand to take on the challenge while everyone else is doing their best not to catch the eye of the person who’s asking.

This establishes you firmly as the person who can be counted on, who will do the jobs that others won’t and who doesn’t think that any job is beneath them. Being counted and relied upon makes you an essential part of that workplace environment and is one of the most important ways to make yourself unfireable.

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