How To Make Yourself The Best Candidate At Interview

How to Promote Yourself in Job Interview

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How To Promote Yourself In Job Interview

Here are some tips to help you with this question. Follow these tips and modify according to your personality, experience and the position you are applying for.

“I blend in any situation”

I have worked with experienced people, who are 5-6 years, my senior and have learnt from them and at the same time, I have even adapted myself quickly in an environment where half of my colleagues were my junior.

“I am synonymous with creativity”

I have a creative bent of mind. My hobbies and interests are varies. Because of my varied hobbies, I never run short of creative ideas and solutions to difficult problems.

“I can strategize to achieve higher goals”

I strategize my action to make the project a success. Yes I am emotional but when it comes to work and setting goals, my head rules over my heart.

“I am an expert in the field”

I am humble in what I do but at the same time I am an expert in the chosen field, in short I am the monarch of all I survey.

“I am a patient listener with good interpersonal skills”

I listen to what my colleagues, my juniors and my seniors have to say. I also have good interpersonal skills, which is evident that I have friends from 8 to 50 year olds. I can strike a conversation with a stranger and make him or her comfortable.

“I am hard-working”

I do not believe in all work and no play… but yes work is important and nothing else comes between my work and me. The fact that you pay attention to every minor detail and do not fail to spot the minutest error, will work in your favour.

“I have the ability to take the right decision”

What is the result of having good skills and aptitude if I cannot take the right decision at the right time? Delay in taking decision can cost the project. I am good at taking the right decision at the right time.

“I am self determined”

I am a self-determined person… I have control over situations. I am confident of my decisions and actions do not hesitate to shoulder responsibility.

“I can work independently as well as in a group”

I am lovely to work with people in group projects because I strongly feel that I alone cannot achieve the best. I would need full support of all other members to make the project a super successful one.

“I am not a clone”

I am not a clone and I do not wish to be one. I am myself and with my own abilities and qualities. I have the ability to make my weaknesses my strengths.

All said and done, it is important that you do your homework well before any interview and go right inside with confidence and zeal.

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