Working at home can seem like the ideal life to lead. You get to choose your own hours, you avoid awful commutes and you can work on your couch in comfort, should you wish to.

What you need to think about however, is that most businesses can potentially start out as being work-from-home. One thing they will all have in common, is that they will take a lot of hard work and dedication to build them to the point where you will make serious money.

A lot of people don’t want to commit this time and energy to it and are on the look out for maximum rewards for minimum input. Unfortunately, some companies know this and have saturated the internet with work from home ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes that are a complete waste of time for anyone apart from the company advertising them.

So how can you protect yourself? Well, first of all you need to be honest with yourself and discover if you’re really committed to putting in the work it takes to become a successful stay-at-home worker. Then you need to do serious research into what it is you would like to do and to make sure that it’s genuine.

Starting your own business is indeed one option, however there are some legitimate company’s that employ people on an at-home basis. Use the following tips to decide whether the company that is advertising is legitimate or not. Also, check out our article on these 6 places to make money online, for genuine company’s that you won’t need to worry about.

1. Making huge amounts of money in short periods of timeHow to Know Which Home Business Ventures to Avoid

If a company’s main selling point is the fact that you’ll get rich quick, this should be taken as a warning sign. Ask for documented evidence. In the real world, income grows at a steady pace and you will see fluctuations in earning reports.

2. Product is crap

Yep it’s blunt, but if you’re working to sell a company that’s complete crap then you’re not going to do well out of it. You should always have an in-depth knowledge of something you’re trying to sell and know that it’s great quality that gives the customer a solution to their needs.

3. They build your company for you

This is actually code for ‘We’ll set you up an awesome website/shop/database so when you eventually do build up your leads, we’ll take them all from you and freeze you out.’

4. You have to spend money to make money.

If the company is asking you to spend money in order to work with them, this should be a huge red flag. You are working to promote their product for them, it should not cost you anything to do that!

5. No real reviews.

Sometimes it can be really hard to sift through all of the affiliate reviews for a product and service. Take the time to really look through and see what you can find. Forums are a great place for this. Also look on the BBB to make sure they are accredited and check out their rating.

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