Developing a successful personal brand means having a crystal clear vision. Many people try to throw themselves out there with no clear message and it ruins the exposure they are trying to achieve. It’s essential to know exactly what you stand for, your message and what you’re trying to achieve.

To help you identify these, here are a list of questions that will get you thinking in terms of a successful personal brand. Read through them and answer honestly. Once you’ve finished you’ll have a clear message, well defined goals and know exactly how to develop your own personal brand.

How to Develop Your Own Personal Brand

1. What promise am I making to those who work with me?

2. What exactly are my expertise?

3. What are my Core Beliefs

4. What is my Core Message?

5. Do the previous two align?

6. Are there areas I need to upskill in?

7. In this sector, what makes me unique?

8. Do I have a unique message to that of my competitors?

9. What is my signature product/service?

10. Am I committed 100% to this? No making excuses, putting things off etc.

11. How are my target customers or clients?

12. Have I adequately researched their demographics, habits, needs, likes etc.?

13. What are my 3 USPs (Unique Selling Points)

14. How is my treatment of customers/clients better than my competitors?

15. What’s the one ‘Above and Beyond’ thing I can do to get customers/clients to recommend my service to others?

16. Do I have a plan for nurturing existing clients/customers as well as finding new ones?

17. Is my message adequately portrayed on all marketing material? Print, Website, Social Media etc.

18. Am I copying others or am I blazing my own trail?

19. Have I perfected the art of storytelling in order to promote myself?

20. Am I spreading myself too thin and neglecting the core 20% of work that brings in 80% of business?

21. Do I collect testimonials from happy clients/customers?

22. Am I confident in my brand, it’s message and the value it adds to my customers/clients?

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