1. Live Your Passion

Don’t waste your life doing something just because it pays the bills. Find what your true passion is and what changes you can make to turn it into a career. Life shouldn’t be about slaving away at something you hate. If your job is something you love, you’ll never really ‘work’ a day for the rest of your life.

2. Do the Things You’re Afraid To Do.

Yes, fear is there to prevent us from doing really stupid things, but we can also get too comfortable in listening to it and it that way we allow it to grow and take control. Fear changes from “You shouldn’t do that, that will kill you” To “You shouldn’t do that, that might be uncomfortable.” There’s a huge difference in those sentences. Self preservation and stepping outside of your comfort zone are completely different things and the majority of the time, to be successful, we need to willingly walk outside of our comfort zone. Listen to your fears with self-judgment and identify if there’s a real danger or lack of motivation to try something new.

3. Feed Your Mind

Life is a journey of learning. Try to learn something new everyday, even if it’s as simple as looking up the capital of a country, or watching a video on learning a basic knew skill. Just make sure you’re taking in some new information everyday and you’ll be surprised at how fast it builds up.

4. Interact With People In Person

Connections are made face-to-face, stop living your life through a screen. The best memories we have with people are when we get to spend physical time with them, not through messaging. It also cuts down on the amount of misunderstandings you’ll experience, it’s much easier to read someone in person, and all too common for someone to find a meaning in a message or email that was meant to come across completely differently.

5. Laugh at yourself

 Do it lots! We all make mistakes, there’s no need to be so uptight about it! The ability to laugh at ourselves helps keep away the anxiety of being in certain social situations. It also makes you a much more likeable and down to earth person.

6. Is this really a big a deal?

If you find yourself panicking over a situation, stop and ask yourself – “Is this really such a big deal?” “Will I even remember this next year?”. The chances are that you won’t, and getting worked up over something doesn’t change it, in fact it only limits your ability to apply rational thought to it and solve the problem.

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7. Don’t Waste Time With People Who Aren’t Good For You

Following on from the previous point, if someone doesn’t love and support you, or even makes your life a little bit tougher, then why are you wasting time with them? It may sound harsh but relationships should leave both parties happy and better because on knowing each other. If you’re not feeling it, then it’s time to cut ties.

8. Travel As Much As You Can

Go as often as you can and as far as you can. Even if it’s only a couple of hours away, getting to go somewhere new and exploring is invigorating. Go and see other countries, meet different kinds of people, try different foods and experience other culture. This is truly living and gives you a great perspective on what matters in the world.

9. Don’t Live In Debt

By living in debt, you really are tying yourself down and increasing the pressure that’s in your life. Live within your means and if you want something, make sure you have the money from it. Otherwise ask yourself, do you really need this? Is it worth getting into a ton of debt for and stopping you from doing certain things in the future?

10. Don’t Let Mistakes Hold You Back

Never let a previous mistake or failure hold you back. Instead learn from them. No one gets through life without tripping up at some point, it only makes you stronger. You’ve heard it a million times but you truly will regret the opportunities you didn’t take, rather than the times you did try and it didn’t work out.

11. Stop Trying To Make Everyone Happy

That’s impossible. You need to make sure you’re happy and as long as you treat people respectfully and with compassion, then it’s absolutely fine to say ‘No’. Life involves being a little bit selfish, at the end of the day, the only person that can make your life a success is you.

12. Form An Opinion and Learn To Respect Others

Don’t be afraid to form your own opinion on something and to express it. However you should also be respectful of other people’s opinions. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a friendly debate with someone, you both end up learning a lot more! But it’s not acceptable to force your opinion on someone and not give them a chance to explain theirs.

13. Don’t Put Things Off

Even small things, putting things off can be extremely de-motivating. When something crops up that you have to do, plan when you’re going to do it and stick to it. This makes you far more reliable, avoids the anxiety that comes with letting things build up and also gives you a strong feeling of accomplishment.

14. Look After Your Body

Feeding your mind is important, but your body has to get you through the years, so make sure you’re taking the best care of it. Exercise, eat healthily and don’t put it under too much stress. Being healthy is a wonderful feeling and it allows you to accomplish a lot more than you could if you weren’t keeping in shape.


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