When students complete an assessment, teachers have an opportunity to respond through marking and feedback. This is a chance to do a little more teaching, particularly individualised teaching, through feedback. The Giving Students Feedback on Assessment Infographic is based on Ann Wilson’s Talk and explores how we can optimise this teaching/feedback nexus and address these questions:

Why do we provide feedback?

By proving students with feedback on their assessment it provides them with the opportunity to improve and the right steps to do so. It also identifies strengths and weakness, as well as building confidence. Feedback further enhances a student’s educational experience while providing them with the opportunity to correct any errors made.

What are the main challenges with giving useful feedback?

Ann highlights that one of the main challenges in providing students with feedback is time. Allocating sufficient time to enable teachers to give feedback to each student can be difficult, particularly where there is a large number of students and assessments. Ensuring an appropriate balance between positive and constructive criticism, and dealing with frustration when students don’t take the feedback on board can provide an additional challenge.

See more great tips about giving students feedback in the infographic below.

Giving Students Feedback on Assessment Infographic

Via: learningandteaching-navitas.com

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