Have you ever suffered a failure and immediately thought “I’m just not cut out for this.”? The truth is that this is how the majority of people think. But it’s not how successful people think.

The biggest key to success is simply – perseverance. Most entrepreneurs suffer setback after setback before finally hitting the big time. Take Thomas Edison for example who famously said he had over 9000 failed experiments before finally producing a viable light bulb? What would have happened if he had given up after any attempt before the nine thousandth?

You will never know how close you are to making it if you decide to throw in the towel. This doesn’t mean you have to rigidly stick to your approach and resist any other ways of doing things. It means you will always have your end goal in mind and you will constantly look for ways in order to achieve it.

When we’re starting new ventures,. it can be inspiring to hear that massively successful people overcame failure to get to where they are today. Particularly if we’ve been hit with a recent string of setbacks. It’s not uncommon, in fact it’s common to hear of entrepreneurs going into detail of all their failed ventures and how they had to adjust and persevere before achieving the goals and ambitions.

The guys over at Essay Tigers have composed the following infographic, highlighting ‘9 Famous Success Through Failure Stories.’ If you’re going through a tough time getting your venture up and running, or you’re worried about not making it, let the following stories motivate you. Remember it’s almost a given that you’re going to fail, and probably fail big. However, the only way you can completely fail is if you give up. Keep your goals and dreams in mind and keep pushing forward.



Infographic Via: essaytigers.com

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