Many of us might be looking to make a living online, but shy away at the fact that for a lot of work at home career paths – you need your own website. This might be down to a lack of technical skills, available time or just a reluctance to spend the time building a steady stream of traffic that will end up at your site.

For the latter, sometimes it’s easier to utilise websites that already have huge streams of traffic and set up your spot on there.

Here are four different ways to earn a living online using this method.

1) Create Online CoursesHow to Earn a Living Online Without Your Own Website

Online education is on the rise and for people who don’t have time to upskill in physical courses, online courses are the perfect option. Are you a subject matter expert in something? If so, then it’s almost certain that there’s someone looking to learn what you can offer.

There are websites like, Udemy, who have over 7 million students, that will host your course for a small percentage of the final sale. There are plenty of free courses on offer as well that will give you an idea of the content on offer and show you the standard you’ll need to pass to get an audience interested in your course.

There’s also a few courses on Udemy that take you through the process of constructing a successful course and selling it via Udemy. Some of the best ones include:

2) Become an eBay Trader

If you think about it, we’ve all got a ton of stuff lying around that we don’t use. Why not sell it? eBay has allowed people to sell online for years without needing to have their own shop space or website. People have made a lot of money, not only selling their goods, but buying products for cheap and selling them on again at a profit.

Carve your own niche and try to find an area that’s not completely oversaturated, like phone covers for example. Do your research and see what people are looking for, see what you can pick up for cheap and what prices you should be selling at. Understand how postage pricing works and deliver times and make sure you take very high quality pictures on your items.

After a few sales you’ll pick up reviews and ratings and sales will start to come quicker and easier. It’s a great way for someone, who wants to eventually set up their own eCommerce store, to test the waters.

3) Write

If you have a talent for writing, you can make great money online writing for existing websites. No, more than ever, content is essential for high ranking sites and impatient consumers, and companies are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Carve your own niche and keep up to date with everything that’s going on in that sector. You might have to write a few guest posts for free but once you have built your portfolio, there are plenty of websites that will pay up to $100 per article. This can amount to a sizeable income if you nurture relationships with the sites that need frequent content and pay well.

You can search on Google for people who have a “Write For Us Page” and you can also check out our list of Websites that will pay you to write for them.

4) Sell Your Crafts

If you’re a creative person that loves making their own unique items, there are many ways to utilise your gifts into making you money. Etsy is a marketplace specifically for hand crafted goods that has rapidly grown since it’s inception in 2005, handing sales of $2.39 billion in 2015.

They actively look to push seller’s wares and you can be safe in the knowledge that payment systems and private information are all well looked after. Again, find your niche and see how you can make your own space in the market. Provide high quality photos of your goods and make sure they’re made well so you start racking out great reviews.

You can also sell your crafts on eBay of course, or maximise revenue with both!

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