Choosing to be healthy isn’t a hard thing to do. In fact there are small things that you can do right now, that all add up to an overall healthy lifestyle.

You need to pay close attention to the choices you make and constantly ask yourself “Is this the healthiest choice for me?”.

This gets you into the habit of making better choices and makes your journey to a healthier lifestyle a whole lot easier.

The most successful people are conscious that it’s essential to be healthy of body and mind in order to achieve our best. Start incorporating these tips into your life and see the difference they make to your energy levels, learning ability, motivation, productivity and much more.

1. Switch to a 5 meal per-day plan

Eating smaller amounts, more often, allows our metabolisms to work at a faster and more continual rate. Having large portions 3 times a day means that your body is waiting too long for food and stores a little back each time rather than burning it all off.

2. Exercise for 30 mins a day, 5 days a week12 Things You Can Do Now for a Healthier Lifestyle

Walking, cycling, jogging, skipping, weightlifting – mix it up. Do exercise that you like doing rather than forcing yourself into something that bores you to tears. If you can keep this up for 4 weeks it’ll become a habit and you’ll start to miss it on your days off!

3. Get 7-9 hours of high quality sleep every evening

You need sleep, not just any kind but good quality sleep. You also need to make sure you get enough. this is usually between 7-9 hours for most people. Here’s a useful guide on getting a great nights sleep.

4. Wake up at the same time every day

Sleeping in at the weekends does much more harm than good. To regulate your body clock you need to try to go to sleep and wake up, at the same times each day. Switching this up too much can make us feel sluggish and disoriented.

5. Get vitamins and minerals from foods, not supplements

Supplements don’t give you the correct dosage of vitamins and minerals that your body needs, food does. Make sure you are getting everything you need from your diet. 

6. Set up a treat meal once a week

If you take all the fun out of it then you will get bored of getting healthy, really quick!

Schedule in a treat meal once a week so it gives you something to look forward too! Remember, you’ll have to work to burn it off again so don’t order 5 different types of take out! Do get something you love that isn’t allowed in your new diet.

7. Surround yourself with positive people

Positive people will make sticking to your healthy living pact a hell of a lot easier. On the other hand, negative people will convince you that you won’t stick to it, or worse, that there’s no point in trying to live a healthy life! Until you’re firmly stuck in your healthy living routine, surround yourself with the people that will support you.

8. Lessen the amount of sugar you eat

Sugar is hidden in everything! Foods you’d never dream of having contain it so the best way to make sure you know what exactly is in your food is to prepare it yourself from scratch.

Lessen the amount of sugar you have each week until you’ll get to the stage where it’s hardly in your diet at all! You’ll feel more energised and get rid of the crashes it brings when our body wants more of it.

9. Lessen the amount of alcohol you drink

Alcohol really isn’t great for the system either. It contains a large amount of sugar, throws off digestion and causes hydration. Try to lessen your intake or, if you are fond of your nights out, switch to a beverage that has a lower sugar content and drink plenty of water with it.

10. Walk short journeys rather than drive

One of the worst things about cars is that we tend to jump in them for every journey, no matter how small. Try to walk wherever your journey is less than a mile. It adds up and you’ll feel much better for it!

11. Always take the stairs over a lift

Where there’s a choice, opt for the stairs. Lifts are convenient but running up the stairs can burn some serious calories. If you’re opting to do this every time you’ll be clocking up a lot of extra exercise on top of your 30 minutes.

12. Pamper yourself

Allow yourself to enjoy the new you. Treat yourself to new clothes, get a massage, get a haircut or book into a spa. You doing all of this in order to make your body and mind feel better, so give them a reward for all their hard work.

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