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Welcome! This project-based course focuses on the creation of live site-specific choreography and performance works from conception to production to performance. It is geared towards performers, artists, composers and creative producers interested in learning techniques and production practices for site-specific work.

The course is open to both veterans of the field as well as emerging artists jumping in to the topic for the first time. Site-specific dance/performance is work created in response to a particular place or site, inspired by its architecture or design, its history, and/or its current use. Lectures and forum discussions will investigate site-based projects in both urban and non-urban locales, and ranging from large-scale to small (guerrilla) style productions.

Furthermore, together we will delineate definitions of site-specificity, and look across the history of the field, focusing primarily on dance. Specific techniques and approaches towards generating site-inspired choreography will be introduced here, but the primary focus is navigating technical issues (lighting, sound, media) and production challenges (budgeting, obtaining permissions, insurance, fundraising, audience/event design). By the end of this course, you will have developed a comprehensive proposal for producing a site-specific work.

Course Accredited By: California Institute of the Arts

Price: $39.00


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