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In this course you will learn how macroeconomic conditions play important roles in business decisions and performance. How aggregate income, unemployment, and inflation rates influence profitability; interest rates determine the cost of capital; and exchange rates affect international competitiveness. Businesses need to understand how these variables are determined in the economy in order to make more informed decisions about their investment and production activities.

To this end, we start with the definition and measurement of the key macroeconomic variables, so that we learn how to interpret macroeconomic indicators and to assess the implications of their trends on our economic activities. Next, we lay out a method for analyzing the macroeconomy by partitioning it into major components and examining their connections with each other. We then focus on money, which is a central component of the macroeconomy and determines the interest rate (the price of holding money) in the money market and the exchange rate (the price of money in one economy vs. another economy) in the foreign currency market.

You will:

Understand the meanings and interpretations of key macroeconomic variables

Understand how macroeconomic variables are measured and what they imply for business

Understand the components of macroeconomy and their connections

Understand the demand and supply of foreign currency and exchange rate determination

Understand money demand, money supply, and interest rate determination.

Course Accredited By: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Price: $79.00


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