Business Etiquette Around the World

So, things are going well for your business, you’ve a steady stream of clients that’s consistently growing and it’s the right time to think about expanding. Maybe you’re starting to meet clients abroad to turn your business international, but how do you go about that? How is business conducted around the world? You don’t want to go to an important meeting and do something simple that could cost you your expansion!

The following infographic from CT Business Travel illustrates business etiquette and expectations for various foreign countries around the world. As the infographic states;

Follow these tips and never put a hand, fork, or word out of place again.”

Customs and etiquette vary wildly from country to country, and business professionals are often unaware of the differences.

This made us think, wouldn’t it be really useful to research and produce an illustrative guide that provides an easy to digest overview of the essential cultural differences for when professionals meet international clients, suppliers and colleagues overseas – so we did and here it is.

For instance the French prefer to shake hands lightly, as do the Japanese and South Koreans, and pre-business chit-chat may be customary in Brazil, but this is not the case in Russia, Switzerland and a number of other countries.

The following Infographic outlines the rules that can be unwittingly broken across the world and will be of interest to anyone who wants to seal the deal rather than tarnish their reputation.

It’s a fantastically detailed infographic that is useful for someone in the above scenario. The last thing you want to be thinking about when entering new markets is accidentally offending someone or losing a deal over something so simple. Take a look through, especially the regions where you’re most interested in, and understand how business etiquette differs around the world.



Source: CT Business Travel

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