Gary Vaynerchuk Shows you what it takes to build a brand and establish yourself as a thought-leader in today’s ever-changing, digital world.

This Building a Personal Brand course is designed to help you define your passions and strengths and to provide you with the blueprint for what is needed to establish yourself as a brand and thought leader in your respective interests.


  • Lectures:                    49
  • Video:                         2 Hours
  • Skill level:                  All levels
  • Languages:                English 

Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

Who is the Building a Personal Brand Course aimed at?

The Building a Personal Brand Course has been designed for anyone who realises that anyone can form a business or brand around something they’re passionate about. We’re living in a world where anybody can affect change. If you realise how special of a time we’re in and are willing to put in the hours to establish yourself outside of the 9-to-5, then this course will teach you how to develop your own personal brand.

What does this course cover?

This course will start by defining your strengths and understanding what you’re best at. You’ll understand your passion and identify how you can build a personal brand around that. By knowing what you’re good at and putting aside the rest, you’ll be able to take whatever it is you want to develop a brand around and execute against it.

What’s Included?

Start your new career by developing your personal brand

  • The Building a Personal Brand Course includes 49 lectures and 2 hours of video content!
  • Understand how to hone in on your passion points, focus on strengths, develop and distribute your story on the platforms that make most sense for the audiences you’re trying to reach.
  • Students will walk away knowing what it takes to build a personal brand but also how to turn that brand into a potential revenue source and vehicle to escape the 9-to-5.

What are the requirements?

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Being able to match hard work with the willingness to find the right balance between passion and talent, is the only requirement to beginning this course.

B.Y.O’s Verdict

I have been watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s videos via youtube for some time know and have found each one to be beneficial in learning about branding and escaping the dredge of the 9-5, most of us are subjected to. I find Gary very easy to listen to and very honest. The latter is very important in a world that is inundated with get rich quick schemes and similar. If you are prepared to work hard, then taking this course is ideal for those of you who want to turn their passions into a personal brand that you will eventually turn into a career.


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