Considering a career move? Thought about getting into the ever-changing environment of Digital?

These 4 tips will guide you through getting the right experience to do so.

1. Practice, Practice, practice…. then do some more…

A degree in marketing is somewhat important (It’s a foot in the door, and can help in the initial screening process) but, as with a lot of industries, it holds far less weight then good ol’ hands on experience. The great thing about digital is, a lot of the tools you use are free, accessible, and chances are you use a few of them daily anyway! If you’re not on them, start on Twitter, Facebook, some form of a Blog and explore the many social networks available at the moment and imagine what uses these could have for potential businesses. Have personal accounts, accounts for friend’s businesses, bands, groups (if they don’t have them already). The most important thinge here is that you can demonstrate to hiring managers that you know what’s involved and you’ve experience to back it up.

2. Is your work already digital?How to Become A Digital Marketer

Has your current company embraced the world of digital? If not, can you volunteer to be their digital person, manage social media accounts, look into the possibility of a website, email and retention campaigns. Etc. Everything and anything that will garner more experience, just remember when initiating new campaigns over new channels that you’re fully aware of the end result you’re trying to achieve and you can explain to peers how and why you’re doing it. Don’t try to do anything and everything. Identify the best channels for your type of industry, do the results and set yourself targets. You’ll find that one of the most important aspects of digital campaigns is the end analysis, there is always room for improvement and identifying where these can be made will strengthen any following campaigns.

3. Research, research and …. you get the point!

The world of digital is constantly changing at a dizzying pace. Ensure you keep up to date with the latest trends, know what potential opportunities are arising, know what methods are dying out. Network with professionals in the industry, working in such a social environment means that the majority of digital experts are happy to trade tips and experiences with you. Read people’s blogs, industry reports, digital news and announcements. Not only will this keep you up to date on the going’s on in digital, it will hone your skills and ensure a better success rate of campaigns. In time, you’ll be able to pick out the most useful pieces of information that are applicable to you and use them. You don’t want to be a follower in the industry, you want to be a trend setter; that’s what will set you apart from other digital professionals.

4. Courses

There are many courses that will give you a good foundation in Digital Marketing. It’s important to remember that this is an incredibly fast moving industry, so marketers need to continually upskill to stay ahead of the game.

Some Good Courses to check out include:

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