Learn how to Direct and Produce Animation Films.

This Animation Filmmaking Course has been designed to teach the aspiring animator or filmmaker everything they need to know before starting out on their first animated film. Beginners and advanced animators alike will gain insight into communicating with all people involved in the process o dramatically cut the time required in order to make your animation.


  • Lectures:              68
  • Video:                   4 Hours
  • Skill level:            All level
  • Languages:          English 

Includes Lifetime access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

Who is the Animation Filmmaking Course aimed at?

The Animation Filmmaking Course has been designed for anyone considering turning an idea into animation, or who wants a complete introduction into the process of making an animated film.

What does this course cover?

This Animation Filmmaking Course comprises of 68 lectures covering the following:

  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: The Story
  • Section 3: The Script
  • Section 4: Concept Art
  • Section 5: Casting Voice Talent
  • Section 6: Sound Recording
  • Section 7: Directing Voice Actors
  • Section 8: Sound Post Production
  • Section 9: Directing Music
  • Section 10: Cinematography
  • Section 11: Storyboard and Animatic
  • Section 12: The Breakdown
  • Section 13: Animation
  • Section 14: Finishing Your Project

What’s Included?

Animation Filmmaking Course

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  • The Animation Filmmaking Course includes 68 lectures and 3 hours of video content!
  • Direct and Produce animation with no drawing or animating skills
  • Cut in half the time it takes to make an animation
  • Communicate and Guide people to follow your vision

What are the requirements?

You need to know a good handle on the English language and an idea of a joke or story that you want to turn into animation.

B.Y.O’s Verdict

The Animation Filmmaking Course is a fantastic introduction to the world of animated filmmaking. Many people don’t realise the sheer amount of work that’s involved from idea to your finished cut so it’s important to know what’s in store. This course is taught clearly and with tonne of humour thrown in! If you’re considering making your first animation, or want to streamline the process, this is a brilliant course.


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