How do you create an eCommerce store that entices people to buy from you? It’s no secret the internet is inundated with online shops, many of them selling the same items. So how do you make yours stand out?

NUBLUE have teamed up with six industry experts (Neil Patel, Bryan Adams, John Rampton, Matthew Barby, Al Mackin and Pete Campbell) to create the following infographic; ‘The Anatomy of a Perfect eCommerce Store’

It is an excellent guide for anyone who’s thinking of starting their own ecommerce store, or wants to boost the sales of their existing one. The six industry experts have all offered their own invaluable advice. Here’s how it goes:

Neil Patel – Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg & Quick Sprout

“With ecommerce, always remember that people are buying your product without seeing it in person. The more thorough you can be (without being overwhelming) the better chance you have of getting someone to buy your product.”

Bryan Adams – Ph. Creative & Getting Goosebumps

“I think the no.1 priority is to understand your audience sufficiently to enable you to design specific user journey’s for each persona. If you can optimise the user experience and make it as personalised as possible, you’ll get the best returns possible.

If you don’t put the customer experience first, you’ll never maximise the potential sales opportunity, not to mention the brand ambassadorship, that can come from a positive brand experience.

Everything; content, tech, analytics and internal process should be customer experience centric.”

John Rampton – #3 on ‘Top 50 Online Influencers in the World’ by Entrepreneur Magazine

“The single most important thing you need to get right with an eCommerce store is the checkout. I’m assuming you’re already getting customers and they want your product (if you don’t have that, you need to work on getting them to you) and want to purchase.

Your checkout process needs to be clean, simple and very easy to navigate. Make sure you have trust symbols as those help the process. I formerly owned and by simplifying a 5 page checkout down to a 2 page checkout we almost doubled our sales. We also cleaned up a few other things but that doubled our sales. What would you do for that many more sales? It’s huge. Streamline the checkout.”

Matthew Barby – HubSpot

“There’s a lot of things that you need to get right with your ecommerce store, but in my opinion the most important aspect is user experience. You can generate thousands upon thousands of visitors to your online store but if they’re not receiving a positive user experience then your conversion rates are going to be very low. Not to mention the fact that you’re highly unlikely to see those visitors come back again.

Build out your design to align with the needs of your users. Focus more on what will help you increase the conversion rate of your store than what will be “best for SEO” – a prime example of where people get this wrong is just flooding their product pages with content so it ranks better, instead of actually giving the visitor the information they need.

Start here and the rest will follow. You can check out my guide to website optimization that should help here.”

Pete Campbell – Kaizen Search

“Not enough eCommerce stores are leveraging the power of user-generated content. Beyond simple reviews, leading eCommerce stores now offer user-generated Q&A sections, product photos and videos allowing your customers to get a true, balanced opinion on the value of the product to them. Incentivise each contributor and create genuine customer loyalty. Additionally, all of this UGC will really improve your SEO visibility and can be tagged up using micro-data.”

Check out the rest of their advice below:

Anatomy of a perfect e-commerce store

Source: NUBLUE

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