How To Make $2,000-$10,000 Per Month

Amazon Selling Secrets has been designed to teach you how to tap into the most powerful online selling system with minimal work and maximum profits. This is a course with a practical, hands-on approach that will guide you through each step of the process to getting you set up and making money right from home. This is a fantastic course for someone looking into developing a home business.


  • Lectures 42
  • Video 5 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English , captions 

Includes Lifetime access  

30 day money back guarantee!  

Available on iOS and Android  

Certificate of Completion

Who is the Amazon Selling Secrets course aimed at?

This course, Amazon Selling Secrets: How To Make $2,000-$10,000 Per Month, is aimed specifically at people who are thinking seriously about starting their own home business. It’s not a ‘Get-rich-quick’ scheme so if that’s what you’re after then this won’t be the course for you. This course has been designed for people who are happy to put the work into developing a sustainable business, completing the website in 3-5 weeks and then growing it afterwards. This course can be taken by anyone, there are no geographical locations or pre-requisites to stop anyone from learning to develop their own Amazon business.


What does this course cover?

Amazon Selling Secrets will show you exactly how to be successful and make money from your own online business. You will learn how to create a four to five-figure monthly business in a sustainable way. There are many work-from-home ideas you can chase after, however this course has been designed to walk you through each step, create the business and attract customers. The content is very clearly explained and can be easily understood by someone who has absolutely no experience of selling from Amazon. It aims to highlight the traps that many people starting off fall into, and guides you on the path to creating a long-term viable business.


What’s Included?Amazon Selling Secrets

  • Amazon Selling Secrets includes 42 lectures and over 4 hours of content!
  • Learn to become a very successful person by following the exact actions included
  • Learn how to set up your own long-term and sustainable Amazon business
  • Set up a business that will set you up for financial security for years to come
  • If you follow the course you will be able to start a home business that can make you $1,000 – $10,000+ a month
  • You will be able to easily find products to sell on Amazon that will put cash in your pocket
  • You will learn what NOT to do in this business as well – this will save you time and money!
  • You will learn EVERYTHING that you need to do to be a hugely successful seller on Amazon
  • You will also learn long-term success factors that will set you up for long-term success for years to come!


What are the requirements?

If you’re going to take the Amazon Selling Secrets course, you need to be able to dedicate 30-60 minutes a day to this course to get you business up and running within 5 weeks. Anyone can do this business, from anywhere, so there are no restrictions to the course. Just have a willingness to learn and the time to dedicate.


B.Y.O’s Verdict

There are A LOT of courses online claiming to do the same thing but very few who have the proven results that Austin Hilton has received from the people who have taken the Amazon Selling Secrets course. Well over 8000 people have taken the course leaving a rating of 4.7/5.

Austin’s style is perfect for beginner’s and is very clear and thorough. It doesn’t only show you what you should be doing but what you should be avoiding as well! If you are looking for an opportunity to start a business, generate a second income and eventually a full time one, then this is the course for you.


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