8 Signs You’ve Found Your True Calling

Finding you true calling in life can be hard to do. A lot of people try a few different careers before they eventually find the right one. For some people their true calling isn’t just one thing, it’s a combination of areas that they can apply their skill set to.

Whether it’s a career you enter, a business you create, or an important charity you volunteer with, you will know though when you’ve found your true calling when you identify with the signs below.

1. It Aligns With Your Core Values

Your life calling should be an extension of your beliefs and worldview. Every day you work to create a closer version to the world you imagine because by making it so, you fully believe that you’ll make the world a more beautiful and contented place. This is what your life’s work means to you. The days of sucking it up and doing things you don’t agree with are gone and with them, the feelings of inferiority, guilt and anonymity that came with it. You’re proud in your work and whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish. You live with integrity because what you do is who you are.

2. It Doesn’t Feel Like Work

This isn’t labour, this is fun! This is your way of living! Work is no longer the slow slog that it used to be. Your work enables you to create the lifestyle you want and your lifestyle includes your work. The lines between work and fun are blurred as you are constantly pursuing your goal of ideal living.

8 Signs You've Found Your True Calling

3. You Immerse Yourself Completely

You look down and get started. You look back up and Bam! 4 hours have passed since you glanced at that clock. It is easy for you to become totally immersed in what you’re doing; you’re not watching the seconds tick away any more. Your ‘work’ absorbs you and you’ll even find yourself saying “Damn, I wish I had more time left for that!” You can’t force this type of engagement; it comes with loving what you do.

4. You Have ‘Work, Life, Fun’ Balance

For anyone this is one of the hardest things in life to balance. Many people feel they waste their lives in the daily grind, working to make ends meet, keeping one step ahead of mounting bills and commitments. Not you, your work gives you the opportunity to work, live and have fun to the max. The lines between each overlap and sometimes you find it hard to tell the difference between them. Your work completely captivates you, your healthier frame of mind makes way for an overall healthier lifestyle and you find yourself constantly energised and enjoying an ultimately fulfilling life.

5. You Intrinsically Know This is Your Purpose

You don’t question it, as soon as you stumble across it you know straight away this is what you’re supposed to be doing and you couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Thinking about your life’s work in the long term doesn’t give you pause or doubt. Your heart, body & mind know this is what you’re meant to be dedicating your time to.

8 Signs You've Found Your True Calling

6. Your Stress Levels Drop

Stress hormones like cortisol for the most part seem to be stuck in the “on” position for the majority of people. “How can I pay all of these bills? Reach those deadlines? I have to spend the rest of my life facing this?” It’s no wonder that stress levels are reportedly at an all-time high! To counteract these stress hormones, it’s important to match them with a greater amount of ‘Happy Hormones’ and lower the levels of the harmful stress ones. Working on something you love naturally lowers cortisol and other stress hormones and you start to notice an increase in energy and an overall improved wellbeing.

7. It Affects the people in your life

You’re used to hearing the following comments from friends and loved ones: “You look amazing!” “I’ve never seen you look better” and “this is without doubt what you were made to do.” Hearing this reaffirms your chosen path and validates what it is that you’re doing, not that you need that. Interestingly, a happier and more positive you has a beneficial impact to those who are close to you, we pick up on the feelings and mood of others and to be in a happy supporting environment is going to improve anyone’s mood!

8. The ‘Sunday Dread’ Disappears

Remember the days when a Sunday evening would approach and the slow creeping fear of a Monday morning would take hold? That’s gone! Instead you look forward to another rewarding and challenging week. That’s not to say you don’t enjoy your time off, but the ‘Sunday Dreads’ are gone and you’re grateful for what you do and you wouldn’t change it for the world! Work is now the reason you get out of bed in the morning not the reason you stay hidden under the covers perfecting the 1 minute snooze technique!

Many of us struggle with identifying what it is that we’re meant to be doing, struggle to decide what path we should be on. Sometimes you need to step back and really think about what you love doing and identify the career paths that come with it.

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