Learning a second language has many benefits including increased brainpower, and the pleasure of conversing with locals in their native tongue when you’re travelling.

It has numerous benefits in the world of business, opening doors and allowing you to operate on a much bigger scale.

But what other benefits are there and why should you seriously consider learning a second language?

The following infographic by Overpass highlights 8 reasons why you need to learn a second language. The reasons are many and varied and if you have always thought of learning a new language, but keep putting it off, maybe now’s the right to to start looking into it more seriously?

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 8 Reasons Why You Should Learn A Second Language


8 Reasons Why You Should Learn A Second Language

Grasp Better Knowledge of Cultural Diversity

Learning the language is also understanding the culture more deeply and making a comparison with your own culture.

Increase Your Brainpower

Based on studies, learning another language increases brain power and offers proven benefits for intelligence, memory, and concentration. It can also prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Increase your Vocabulary Improvement

The study of another language improves the knowledge of one’s native tongue and increases vocabulary skills.

Enjoy International Art, Literature, Music and Film in their Original Language

Deep understanding and appreciation of a piece of art comes from understanding its origin and own language.

Boost your Confidence

The positive feedback from native speakers will motivate you and boost your ego. Plus you can impress people and get plenty of compliments with your unique communication skill.

Make your Travel More Enjoyable

Knowing how to communicate with a country’s locals using their own language results in warm smiles and invitations to drink or celebrate.

Global Employment & Better Job Opportunities

It improves global employability and based on statistics, jobs that requires bilingual skills have higher compensation.

Use it as a Tool for Privacy or Secret Communication

Speaking in a foreign language can be a great way to engage in private conversations and protect sensitive information.


Source: Overpass

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