7 Reasons Your Content Isn’t Connecting With Millennials

When it comes to engaging millennials with your brand, it’s essential that you create tailored content that appeals to individual interests. This is according to research by NewsCred who have created the below infographic, stuffed with useful information and statistics.

When you’re creating content, one size just really doesn’t fit all. You need to look at the age you’re targeting, location and cultural interests before crafting your piece. It is also essential to pump constant analysis into who is reading your content, what content your desired readers are consuming, and if you have a match between them both.

According to NewsCred’s research, Millennials will have a spending power of over $1.4 trillion by 2020, so now is the perfect time to start getting them invested in your brand and deliver content that keeps them interested and coming back to you for more.

It’s important to understand exactly where millennials are searching to find their content, what they are looking for it to do and how they are sharing it, or recommending it to others. There are many things that brands are doing that turn millennials off their content. NewsCred lists the following 7 things as being major factors:

  1. Ignoring cultural interests
  2. Not being useful or helpful
  3. Coming across as too promotional
  4. Making content that’s too long
  5. Creating boring, or stupid content
  6. Not attracting emotional investment
  7. Focussing too much on celebrities.

It’s a detailed report and goes in tandem with their marketing to millennials guide, which you can download here.

Take a look through and make sure you’re crafting your content in the right way.



Source: NewsCred

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