The guys over at EIDesign have created the below infographic detailing 7 innovative performance support tool formats to boost your workplace performance.

What Are the Possible Performance Support Solutions?

Mobile Apps

These are among the best forms of performance support available today and just like any professional for whom “information” is the key, learners could greatly benefit from mobile app solutions.

Interactive PDF

We can convert any document into an interactive PDF with content tagging for easy navigation, richer visual experience and so on. These make factual and knowledge-based information available to learners quickly and easily. These may include top ten tips, fact sheets, checklists, practical forms, participant guides, processes and procedure documents.


Any document can be converted into HTML5 compatible eBooks accessible on PCs, Tablets and Smartphones. These can be converted as SCORM packages too. Again, these can include key takeaways from a training program, participant guides, processes and procedure documents.

Kinetic Text/Animations

If the content is highly conceptual and difficult to illustrate or the message is nuanced, sometimes showing the text is the best approach. That’s where kinetic text comes in – it’s an engaging, fresh and dynamic way of bringing text content to life. Either accompanied by a music track or audio narration, kinetic text brings energy into the text content. It also enables us to highlight the key messages in the text – through the use of colour coding, font size and other effects.

Expert Videos, Webinars/Recorded Webinars

Learners respect experts. Whether it’s a classroom tutor, eLearning guide or workplace mentor, we are used to listening to and respecting expert views. These can be made effective. The performance of the learners can be tracked by adding assessments with SCORM packaging.

Whiteboard animations

Create highly impactful and engaging videos using a creative story with pictures being drawn on a whiteboard along with conceptual graphics and audio. These can be used to teach employees different company policies or demonstrate a new software or product to consumers.


These are short episodes of audio or video that can be downloaded to learners’ own device. Episodic in nature, webcast/podcasts are the perfect example of a resource built for mobile delivery – brief, targeted and entertaining, to be watched/listened to while in a train on the way to work or to kill time before a meeting.

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Source: EIDesign

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