What contributes to bad management style? If you were to ask a number of people, it’s more than likely that their answers will greatly vary – each drawing on their own experience of serving under a bad manager.

Mindflash conducted this experiment and compiled the infographic shown below. They narrowed it down to the top 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Managers, and it makes for an interesting read. Here are the bad habits and the actions bad managers need to take to address them.

7 Bad Habits of Managers

  1. Continually breaking your world.
  2. Chastising your employees publicly.
  3. Getting all up in their business.
  4. Withholding positive feedback.
  5. Be all-knowing all the time.
  6. Speaking before listening.
  7. Being afraid of discipline.

How to Kick these Habits

  1. Create trust by not breaking your word.
  2. Start solving problems in private instead of chastise employees publicly.
  3. Get to know the desire of your employees and get all up in their business.
  4. Boost the confidence of your employees by giving them positive feedback.
  5. Don’t be all knowing and make your employees comfortable.
  6. Try to listen active instead of speaking before listing.
  7. Make good and SMART agreements with everyone.

Even addressing one of the issues can make a big difference in a person’s management style. The main issue is trying to get a manager to understand that they way they are doing things, might not necessarily be the best way!

However if you are managing people and notice you’re doing one of the things mentioned on this list, then you can be proactive about making change. For example, to counter the issue of withholding positive feedback all you have to do is be more free with it. Remember to praise in public and instruct in private.

Simple changes can make a world of difference to your employees happiness and productivity. For more management tips check out: 5 ways great leaders motivate employees.



Source: www.mindflash.com

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