There’s more ways to motivate people than throwing money in the mix. In fact, other motivation techniques actually lead to better results and yield lasting effects.

To be a successful leader it’s important to know how to motivate the team working for you. Some things will be more of an incentive to certain people, however there are motivation techniques that will work across the board and make sure you have a productive and happy team working on every project.

1. No Project Manager5 Ways Great Leaders Motivate Employees

When a team has to report into a project leader or manager they’re very aware that person is seen as being above them. Get rid of the manager all together and let the team have equal responsibility to solving a problem. They’ll be much more productive and will really come together in order to create a fantastic end product.

2. Praise in Public, Correct in Private

If you’re happy with the way someone is doing then make sure you praise that in public. Don’t keep singling the same person out however, make sure you include everyone at different points.

Never scold or correct someone in front of their peers, there is no greater de-motivator. If you do need to address something then speak with that person in private and address the manner in a constructive fashion.

3. Make The Company’s Success Their Responsibility

When people are given responsibility they usually rise up to meet the occasion. Letting your employees know that the ultimate success of the company is down to them will motivate them to go the extra mile. Make sure they’re fully aware of the direction you want to take and the ultimate destination of the company and your staff will work tirelessly to get it there.

4. Don’t wait until Xmas to Throw Company Parties

Why only throw a party once a year? Throw plenty and add some impromptu events such as a lunch picnic, after work dinner or fun-themed days so work doesn’t feel like a monotonous chore. Mini celebrations make employees feel appreciated and it’s good to unwind together, particularly after stressful projects.

5. Dedicate Time to Innovation

Allocate some time during the week, at least a few hours, where employees get to work on their own projects that they believe will make the company better. Once a month let everyone pitch their ideas and let the good ideas go ahead. This makes an employee really feel like they are contributing to the business and they are! They will really benefit the company and it shows that you place a huge emphasis on innovation.

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